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Training of soft skills for surgical teams using an immersive Serious Game (S4Game). Project’s final meeting

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Yesterday JUMISC as leader of the project “Training of Soft Skills for Surgical teams using an immersive Serious Game” (S4Game) hold the final meeting with the Consortium’s members (Viral Studios from Spain, Charles University from Czech Republic, Semmelweis University from Hungary and Polytechnique Institute of Portalegre from Portugal), so as to conclude the results and the works performed in the framework of the project over the last 2 years.
During the project lifetime, two main results have been developed, as well as one learning, teaching and training activity and seven multiplier events to raise awareness among end users and stakeholders.
S4Game, supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, provides health professionals (surgeons, nurses, anaesthesiologists) with an innovative approach to acquire and develop soft skills in the field of surgery. To reach the target, a handbook and an immersive Virtual Reality-based serious game have been developed.
Regarding the handbook, it consists of two main parts. The first part focuses on the theoretical and practical background of five cognitive skills (leadership, decision making, situation awareness, teamwork, communication and interaction). This part also introduces the surgical team members, their tasks and responsibilities and the potential of information technology (IT) and virtual reality (VR) to be integrated into surgical training. Each chapter follows the same structure. First, the theoretical background of each skill is presented, based on the latest literature, and then the most important competences needed to acquire the skills are described from the practical perspective, using examples from the real life. Info-boxes summarise the most important information as a take- home message and it is these are illustrated with photos of life in the operating room.
The workbook-like second part focuses even more on practice, using ten real-life examples to illustrate the importance of cognitive skills in surgery and the operating room. Each case study focuses on the main- and one or two secondary soft skills. The practical cases are presented under in the same structure, aimed at including the different elements and details that are necessary to put the case into practice. Brief theoretical information highlights the soft skills to be trained in the practical case, together with a brief introduction on its relevance. After presenting the case, the chapter describes the training approaches, the needed resources and offers a possible assessment methodology to be used.
Regarding the VR-based serious game, a multiplier event was organised to test it (12 participants), focused on the acquisition of soft skills required during work in an operating theatre, such as communication, teamwork or leadership. Participants played at least two out of the five implemented cases, both using the desktop version of the game and the Virtual Reality headset. Finally they filled in a satisfaction questionnaire.
Next step to conclude the Project will be to report the UE on the gained results.
For further information about S4Game click here: https://s4game.eu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/s4gameproject
Twitter: https://twitter.com/S4Game1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sforgameproject/
To freely download the Handbook click here: https://s4game.eu/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=816://s4game.eu/
Our brochure with the basic concepts of the handbook and serious game are also available here: https://s4game.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/20210628_basic-concepts.pdf

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